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May 13, 2012 5:30pm PDT
the age of the average ceo. gov. brown releases his budget tomorrow in the wake of higher than anticipated deficit. >>> we face a $16 million hole >>> the governor brands higher deficit of lower tax revenue cuts to education and public safety and not acceptable he wants to increase taxes for the highest earners and increase sales taxes, fellow democrats will help sell the measure to voters. >>> between now and november all of us will be aggressive in talking about the importance of the governor's tax measure. >>> it could be a hard sell, where voters are resistant to increase taxes republicans have reacted by saying there must be more cuts. despite her unpopularity oakland mayor is staying put. organizers for the recall announce they're unable to get the 20,000 signatures needed to qualify for the november election. according to a recent poll 3 out of 4 oakland residents are not happy with the mayor's performance but the majority of voters are not ready for a recall because it is costly. >>> and why they don't totally agree with me on everything people want this to work on the issues i am
May 20, 2012 5:30pm PDT
by protesters for the second straight died at the nato summit in chicago karen brown with more. >>> thousands of anti-war protesters marched in the streets of chicago, to the convention center where world leaders open the two day nato summit president obama says the focus on winding down the war in afghanistan leaders pledged to shift security responsibility to afghan forces a year earlier than expected but that forces will remain through 2014. after meeting with afghan president hamas' karzeid obama it makes the transition will be challenging >>> the loss of life continues in afghanistan there will be hard days ahead >>> france's new president pledged to bring his troops on this year but leaders say that does not affect the mission >>> there is a rush for the exits we are committed to our operation in afghanistan and see it through >>> the war increasingly unpopular with protesters calling for nato to be disbanded >>> they are the machinery for death and destruction >>> thousands of officers preparing for months to handle security for the summit. their goal is to facilitate peaceful protest
May 19, 2012 5:30pm PDT
but they say they're making something else in karen brown i knew police say the suspects were targeting. >>> as noisy protesters marched in chicago three members of the splinter group record facing charges of domestic terrorism. >>> some targets including campaign headquarters of president obama, home of mayor rahm emanuel and other downtown financial institutions >>> the out of state trio and part of an anarchist group was arrested in an apartment raid on wednesday police say they're making molotov cocktails. the men say they're making beer. >>> they are shocked and confused and frightened by the severity of the allegations >>> protests have been peaceful and watch as this man pulled from the crowd. >>> de have since people are planning violence? >>> no. i would like to say property damage is not violence you're not hurting anyone but that is not one of their tactics >>> protesters continued to march the heads of state attending a nato conference start to arrive in chicago the main focus for both sides will be the war in afghanistan. >>> world ladies working on winding down the war eff
May 26, 2012 5:30pm PDT
but the raiders play the panthers. lakers head coach mike brown has received criticism for his team's exit and meta world peace says the blame is on the players >>> mike was not out there guarding kevin that was me, kevin scored on the mike did throw the turnovers, mike did not missed three-point shots i missed a three-point shot, mike did not coming out of shape, well he did coming out of shape , it is all mental for coach. >>> one of the bus schedules the lower columbia college player gyms over the fence to make the grab, the fun out it would of been a game-tying home run brian sabean one, need defense on the giants. >>> you could argue it was a matter of time before crooks broke the code were talking about bar codes at the heart of every beat when you pay at the counter and crooks can capitalize coming up at 630 howe they're doing it. that's it for eyewitness news at 530 cbs evening news next with a massacre and syria dozens of children among 90 people killed in an attack. see you in half an hour. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
May 12, 2012 5:30pm PDT
fires since january. that compares to 300 reported the same time last year. jerry brown reports that california's budget deficit swelled to $16 billion that is twice the previous estimate of $9 billion. the governor says the state cannot make up the shortfall without drastic cuts to schools and public safety. in a message today the governor outlined his initiative to raise taxes to cut the deficit. >>> i'm bypassing the gridlock and asking you, the people of california to approve a plan that avoids cuts to schools and public safety. the plan asks high income earners to pay more in their income taxes for seven years. it will increase sales taxes by one fourth of 1% for four years. >>> the governor says the plan will establish a constitutional guarantee for public safety funding at the local level. he is expected to lay out details on monday the plan depends on the voters approving the higher tax. you can watch the announcement at the governor made today it is on our web site cbs s f. com and estimates 93,000 californians woke up this morning without unemployment benefits. califor
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5